31% of Private School Websites are Responsive: Is yours?

March 17, 2015 Peter Baron

Back in January, we published our report, Private School Digital Insight: Enhancing Web Navigation and the Rise of Responsive Design, and for the first time, private schools were able to see the “Big Picture” when it comes to web navigation and usability.

Now, we’re back with an updated infographic (more on that later on in the post).

Download the infographic!

By looking at close to 3,000 school sites (2,925 to be exact), our report rolled up & segmented key data — things like top calls to action, SEO useage, most common navigation terms and much, much more (get your free copy today to see all of the data!).

One in particular, though, really stood out. Any guesses (one hint: look at the report’s title)?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) earned the spotlight, and for good reason — we’ve moved into a multi-screen world. It’s our reality.

Boulder Country Day School

Most of us have multiple devices (phones, tablets, laptops) that allow us to view websites, but at very different dimensions. Our sites need to respond and look great across all of these screen sizes.

Google, for instance, is so sold on this that starting on April 21, they will expand their “use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.”

Consider it a deadline if you’re focused on SEO.

Clearly schools see the value. Back in August & September of 2014, when we first measured the schools in the report, 22% of the websites were responsive.

Knowing that the pressure to go responsive was increasing (both from the standpoint of search and usability), we didn’t stop measuring. In fact, from October to January of this year, we kept tabs on the RWD adoption rates (click to get the details!).

What we found was pretty amazing. Over that period, the number of private schools with responsive sites jumped from 22% to 31% — 9% in just four months!

If you’re wondering if RWD is the right decision for your school, this infographic offers a significant piece of evidence as to why it’s time to make the switch. Head over to our resource library today to download your copy!

Download the infographic!

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