One Class Section + Multiple Meeting Rooms = No Problem in onRecord – Idea to Feature

December 22, 2014 Peter Baron

How many of you schedule sections that meet in different rooms over the course of the week? If you answered, “yes, that’s us!” then you’ll be thrilled with the latest enhancement we’re showcasing in this week’s Idea to Feature.

Mark Sargent, Product Manager for onRecord, shares how much easier it is to schedule sections into different rooms via our student information system.

Making Scheduling More Flexible & Accurate!

Now, a schedule manager can go to Section Schedule in onRecord to define where any class should meet over the course of the week. For instance, drop into Cycle mode to schedule English 1 to meet in room 101 on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and room 102 on Tuesday and Thursday.

The benefits are numerous — from easily being able to report on the data, to providing students with the most accurate schedule and room information possible.

This is an idea proposed by a number of schools, and we’re excited to make it available as a feature in onRecord.

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