Admission Event Tracking Comes to onBoard – Idea to Feature

November 5, 2014 Peter Baron

We talk a lot about how features grow out of the ideas shared by schools.

Maybe we trace it to a User Voice submission or perhaps it’s tied to a conversation we had in support. This week, we’re excited to share a new onBoard feature that came from the group of Admission Directors who make up our Admissions Advisory Committee.

The Advisors told us that they needed an option to track families who have registered and/or attended admission events.

In today’s Idea to Feature, Brenda Noiseux, Product Manager for onBoard, shares how her team made this possible.

Event Tracking Comes to onBoard!

Based on the advisory group’s feedback, it became clear that not only do admission offices need a way to track registrations and attendance, but they also need to be able to document conversations and make it reportable.

To make this possible, we’ve added a new section to the Candidate Detail page where an admission officer can track all of this information. Taking it one step further, we enhanced the Work List to make it easy to segment and report on the information.

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