Annotation for Teachers: Coming Soon to onCampus! – Idea to Feature

October 17, 2014 Peter Baron

We’re always looking at new opportunities to enhance the ways teachers can interact with their students — a big part of that discovery process focuses on your feedback and recommendations.

In today’s Idea to Feature, Jackie Christensen, Senior Product Manager for onCampus, is excited to let you know that the most requested LMS feature by teachers is now part of our Early Adopter Program.

Annotation & Pass Back Comes to onCampus!

It makes total sense that wanting to annotate student work online was among our most requested features — teachers want to keep that feedback loop with students open online. Using Annotations in onCampus, this makes the process so much easier.

Teachers will be able to access turned in work via Assignments, and from right within the browser, they’ll be able to click the “Annotate” button to start the process of marking up work. This eliminates the need to download documents. It’s all done within onCampus.

Once teachers see the file, they can use the Annotation tool to do things like highlight content, insert comments, draw on the document, call out certain areas, and strike content — all the things they’ll need in order to provide real-time feedback for their students.

As soon as they’re done, teachers can pass back the document with their comments and markups intact to their students. Students are able to view all of this from within onCampus, making it that much more efficient to access and apply teacher feedback.

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