bbcon 2014: Giving Back(packs) to Students

October 14, 2014 Maura Webster

There’s no question – we’re focused on education and each one of us is passionate about what we do. Who wouldn’t be when part of your work involves spending 3 days at a conference where you get to meet your schools face-to-face, share the awesome features that enable our products to connect your whole school, and engage people to share in the excitement of giving back and enhancing education for everyone?

How do you do that when you’re focused on K-12 Private Schools?



photo 1

Last week, at bbcon 2014, the K-12 Private Schools team gave a TON of product demos! And, even better, for each of those demos, we donated a backpack filled with school supplies to kids who really need them at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee (BGCMT)! Each L.L. Bean backpack and its contents were delivered to clubs like the Andrew Jackson Club (pictured here) with a card inside that read, “I donated a backpack today with my demo!” and the participant’s name.

photo 5

Who doesn’t love new school supplies? We’re grateful to our K-12 schools that took the time out of their busy bbcon days to watch a demo and help out local kids in their quest for knowledge. There are now 101 BGCMT kids that are a little more excited and prepared for school thanks to you!

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