6 Tips to Get the Most Out of onCampus!

October 2, 2014 Peter Baron

Fall’s here. Classes are in full swing, and we thought the timing was perfect to offer six tips to help teachers and students get the most out of onCampus this semester.

Beyond being key parts of our Learning Management System, all of them share another characteristic — each feature enhancement was based off of feedback from schools. Thanks for your input, and please keep it coming!

There are lots of helpful tips in here, so let’s go ahead and dive in. Each tip comes with a video explanation.

1. Flexible Bulletin Board

With onCampus’ flexible Bulletin Board layouts, you have control over how your content displays on the page. One approach we’ve seen teacher’s take is to percolate media up to the top to make a big visual impact on their page. Watch this Idea to Feature segment with Jackie Christensen to learn more.

2. Rename Bulletin Board Channels

Aside from being able to change layouts and move content around on the Bulletin Board, you can also customize the various content channels. Is the label “Expectations” not doing it for you? You can easily update the channel to display something that will grab your student’s attention. This short video (no audio) shows you how.

3. Topic Edit Mode: Showing Content Items

Topics is a powerful area for sharing the learning resources you’ve curated with your students. Editing Topics has become even easier now that the content items display while you are in edit mode. Take a look for yourself by watching this quick video (no audio).

4. Topics in Other Groups

Since Topics has become such a hit in our Class pages, we’ve now extended their reach by adding them to Advisories, Activities, and Community Groups. We’ve seen schools use these Topics to capture professional development resources, board meeting materials, and community service resources. Learn how to build Topics pages in this video (no audio).

5. Assessments

Have you noticed the new Add Assessment button on your Assignment pages? It’s worth checking out – now you can assess your student’s content mastery with online quizzes comprised of essays, true/false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank questions. Another benefit of using an online assessment is being able to review overall class performance in real time. You can dive into the details by watching this Idea to Feature video.

6. Assignment Center Overhaul

Date Range on List View + Full Assignment Calendar Drag and Drop
The Assignment Center has become an indispensable area of the site for students and faculty alike. Now you can control date ranges and manage homework status labels from either the list or grid view. Teachers can also update due dates simply by dragging the assignment on the grid. Jackie Christensen shares the details in this video.

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