8 Ways to Improve Your iPad Program

September 23, 2014 Hans Mundahl

Nothing is more exciting than heading back to school. It is a time of renewal, excitement, and no small amount of nervousness. Kids are nervous to meet their teachers, and even the most veteran teachers are a little nervous to meet their new students.

One group of people who are not nervous at this time of year is the technology department, especially if they have a large iPad deployment. Nope, Tech Directors / Support Staff / Tech Integration folks aren’t nervous…they are full-on freaking out!

A large-scale iPad deployment can be further complicated in the second year of the program as the number of new devices scales up, while many returning iPads are coming back to campus from a busy summer. The task of unboxing, inventorying, and tagging new devices is time consuming enough, but how do you also make sure that all those returning devices are in good shape? Even more important is how to make sure the devices are being used as intended: as powerful learning tools that can personalize and customize the student / teacher experience?

Every school is different, but by placing the responsibility and ownership for teaching in the hands of the teachers, engaging returning students as peer mentors, and planning to catch up students who need extra help, your iPad deployment can be successful.

By using your learning management system (such as onCampus) to host all of your supporting deployment materials, you not only make sure everyone is on the same page, but you also model the kinds of learning practices you want to see throughout the year.

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Check out this white paper that describes a process every school can use to set goals for deployment, determine pre / post deployment tasks, empower teachers to train students, and support folks who need help when something doesn’t quite work as planned.


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