Say Hello to the New WhippleHill Help Center!

August 26, 2014 Janet Wittenberg

We are excited to launch our new WhippleHill Help Center with the 8/27 release!

With this change, we are creating an integrated environment where you can access our Knowledge Base and Community Forum, as well as have direct access to your outstanding support tickets.  Going forward, use the first landing page in the Help Center to find:

  • Links under Featured Topics for the latest Release Notes and Hot Fix Letters
  • Announcements from Support, such as Holiday Hours

From the menu navigation in the Help Center you can:

  • Submit a Ticket for support help
  • Search our Knowledge Base
  • Join our Community Forum to post or comment on Questions or Ideas

Get to Inside WhippleHill, a link to our blog, for News and Insider Tips.


In addition, from the top navigation menu, you can also view your existing Tickets both open and closed.

Starting with the 8/27 release, users who have access to the Help Center task will now see changed menu items under their User Account profile.


  • “Help Center” will lead to our new centralized Help Center
  • “Training Resources” will take you to a part of our former Help Center, with an emphasis on Training Resources.  You can access links to past Release Notes and customer-provided resources from here as well as from the “Help Center.”

Submit a Ticket
Based on your subject, you will see suggested articles that might provide the answer to your question.


View your Tickets

Note the status of your tickets – Awaiting your reply, Open, or Solved.


Our Knowledge Base is always growing as we respond to customer requests and learn about areas where our users could benefit from additional information.

Using Search in the new Help Center will return entries from our Knowledge Base as well as the Community Forum so you may be able to find answers before you need to submit a Ticket.


Our Community Forum is organized into topics based on our 4 ‘on’ Products and Core, plus Tips and Tricks. As the Forum usage increases, we may add more topics to organize subjects of common interest.


In the forum, you can:

  • Click “Post a question or idea” to join the conversation!


  • Review your contributions to see if there have been any answers.


  • Answer a question or add to the discussion.
  • Vote on other contributions in the forum to express your interest in the subject. You have unlimited votes but can only add 1 vote to each item.
  • Click “Follow” to be notified of other responses to a question that interests you!


Our Product Managers will use the forum as an area to review feedback and engage with customers to find the best new ideas to incorporate into our products.

What does it mean for my request to go to the forum?

When a product manager reviews a request and determines that it is not feasible to add within a 12 month time-frame in conjunction with our product roadmaps, your ticket will not remain open in our backlog and will be marked as ‘solved’ (unfortunately we don’t have a better status choice to use). We encourage you to use the forum as a sounding board with other schools and generate votes for the idea or learn about alternative solutions that other schools have in place. Essentially, we are saying, “Let’s give this idea time to simmer and see if a year from now it has become more important to our schools, or perhaps another approach or idea has solved the initial problem.” If we have misunderstood the impact this problem has on your day-to-day work, please keep the conversation going with Support.

This process change is a way for us to communicate more realistically about whether or not you can expect your request to be added to the product. As Product Managers, we are always looking for the best way to spend our resources that will provide value to many of our customers and maintain the quality of our software. Keeping our backlogs focused and streamlined is an important step to make sure we can find the most important projects and issues at any point in time. In addition to all the other ways we reach out to customers, we will review activity in the forum regularly as a way to see what is trending among our schools and add to our annual roadmaps accordingly.

What about my UserVoice ideas?

For the next few months, UserVoice will still be accessible from the application Menu, but the forums will no longer be open for new ideas. If you want to make sure an idea on UserVoice is entered in our Community Forum for ongoing discussion, you will be able to access UserVoice to copy and paste the idea until December 31, 2014. Our Product Managers will still be able to access UserVoice to review ideas with the highest votes.

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