First National Private School Survey on Blended Learning and Education Technology

August 19, 2014 Sanje Ratnavale

Launched by the OESIS Group, the Blended Learning and Education Technology Survey seeks to take the temperature of attitudes towards adoption as a whole.

Private schools face unique barriers to adopting technology-rich and blended learning models: these include a perceived reduction in instructional time and moving away from an approach to personalization that focuses on small class size as the ultimate solution. The ubiquity of content in digital forms and the increasing use of flipped models of content delivery have started to change the conversation.

Other factors that are playing into increased exploration of an area include the significant growth in private school tuition over the last 30 years, impacting demand and the rising costs of salaries: providing the full service expected of private schools is now more difficult.

For private schools looking to explore and implement blended learning, the survey and its FREE Report for respondents aim to identify hot button issues among administrators and faculty.

How are private school teachers viewing the benefits and barriers of blended learning?

Do administrators and teachers have aligned objectives in pursuing blended education or technology-rich classes?

At what stage in the adoption cycle is the private school market and its various segments?

The Survey, sponsored by Blackbaud and WhippleHill, is conducted by one of the leading organizers of Symposia in the space, the OESIS Group, which hold events in Boston, Los Angeles and London. It is designed to provide us with some early answers.

The survey is open until September 8, 2014, and it should only take about 10 minutes to complete. All respondents will receive a FREE copy of the OESIS Client Reports, analyzing the trends in and attitudes of each segment of our community.


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