Can You Guess the Top Feature Request for onCampus? – Idea to Feature

August 4, 2014 Peter Baron

Have we piqued your interest? Can you guess the top feature request in 2014 for onCampus?

How about a few hints?

Could it be Roster management? Or perhaps Previewing Content Items in Topics while in Edit Mode? Maybe it’s more flexible layouts for the Bulletin Board?

While all three were added as of the 7/2 release, if you guessed bringing flexible layouts to the Bulletin Board, then you’d be 100% correct!

In this Idea to Feature, Jackie Christensen, Senior Product Manager for onCampus, dives into the details.

Schools have shared that their teachers were looking for more flexibility when it came to arranging content on the Bulletin Board. It made total sense — a lower school teacher may have a very different approach to displaying content than a teacher in the upper school.

We took the feedback and put it into action.

Now, when a teacher clicks “Enter Edit Mode” on the Bulletin Board, they can select from one of the six layout options (identical to the ones they’re using in Topics). They can then drag and drop Content Items onto the board and arrange their content until they get the perfect look and feel.

We didn’t stop there, this new addition is available on all Bulletin Boards so that coaches, community group owners, advisors, etc. can build and share exceptional content with your community.

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