An Even Better Assignment Center for Teachers! – Idea to Feature

June 11, 2014 Peter Baron

The Assignment Center has been on the “Idea to Feature” brain the last few weeks and for good reason — we’ve released lots of exciting enhancements.

You don’t have to look much further than our last video where Jackie Christensen, Product Owner for onCampus, shared how we’ve improved the Assignment Center to make it an even more powerful tool for students .

Now, Jackie’s back to show how teachers can benefit from the upgrade.

An Improved Assignment Center for Teachers!

Just like in the student persona, teachers can view assignments by day, week, month, or by a custom date range.

More significantly, though, when teachers click on the Calendar Grid view, they can access all of the same features that they love in their Section Assignment calendar.

We made it much more efficient for teachers to change assignment dates using drag and drop. They’ll also enjoy being able to edit an existing assignment simply by clicking on the appropriate calendar item.

Adding a new assignment has been streamlined too — teachers can click on a day to add a new assignment.

We didn’t stop there, the Grid view displays the status of their grading for each assignment. This provides another handy view to stay on top of grading.

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