It's Time! Communicate the Summer Release to your Constituents

June 10, 2014 Jackie Christensen

WhippleHill wants to help you prepare your Parents, Teachers, and Students for the July 2nd Release.

On July 2nd, 2014, WhippleHill will be releasing some exciting changes to the behind the password experience of your site. Most significant are navigation changes which impact users with the Faculty, Parent, and Student personas. These updates make more efficient use of the top level real estate to help schools better promote internal communications and resources.

Since these updates are so critical to the user experience, we announced back in March that we’d be running an Early Adopter Program. In response, 20 schools volunteered to have the changes installed on their site 2 months ahead of the general release. This limited release phase ensures we put the final polish on the updates prior to opening the release to all of our schools.

One suggestion that came in actually does not require a code change at all. A number of EAP schools suggested it would be great to have an easy way to proactively communicate about the changes to Parents, Students, and Faculty ahead of time.

Great idea!

In an effort to help, we are providing the following communication tools:

1. Release Documentation. Early access to the Summer Release Highlight Video and Information Letter.

2. Navigation Gallery. Feel free to download and use as many visuals in your own custom communications.

3. Sample Copy. A draft letter you may modify and use to prepare your users for the navigation changes.

Also, we are happy to report the Getting Started Tour will be updated as part of the July 2nd release. So you can encourage your users to take the tours and familiarize themselves with the new experience. To access the Release Documentation, Navigation Gallery, and Sample Copy please log into your site, go to the Help Center and then view the Summer 2014 Release: Communication Resources page.

We hope you find these resources useful and want to thank our EAP partner schools for helping us deliver better releases. 

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