How to Provide a VIP Admission Experience

May 14, 2014 Peter Baron

In the post-2008 admission world, independent school admission offices have been faced with providing families with a level of service that rivals (or better yet exceeds) what they’re used to receiving in other parts of their lives.

Families expect schools to deliver an admission experience (both online and off) that clearly indicates that you know who they are — rather than just being a number.

They’re experiencing this level of personalization when buying items online or interacting with friends, so why wouldn’t they expect it when considering and applying to schools?

Look, this isn’t earth shattering by any means, but it can be a tricky expectation to meet when you’re doing everything in your power to stay above water during the busiest time of the admission season.

Chuck English, English Marketing Works, knows this all too well. In our conversation (see above), he shares why it’s critical for schools to provide families with the VIP Admission Experience, which truly personalizes the process in order to differentiate your school.

Over the course of the conversation, we covered a lot of ground. Some of the highlights include:

  • how an admission office can start personalizing the process for their families
  • why data is critical to being able to tailor the admission experience and make it unique to the family
  • tips on how to improve admission office communications — from video messages to the use of variable printing to providing families with pre-completed online admission applications
  • how a personalized admission experience provides a window into what it’s like to be part of your school community
  • learning how personalization can help families assess school fit, which has become an even more emotional decision making process
  • why onBoard, our Enrollment Management System, was constructed with personalization in mind

What steps have you taken to personalize the admission process? We’d love to hear — leave us a comment below.

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