Responsive Web Design in a Multiscreen World

April 25, 2014 Peter Baron

How’s this for a stat? When we checked back in August, 24% of the total number of site visits across all schools that work with WhippleHill used an iOS device (i.e. iPad or an iPhone).

Break it down even further and you’ll see that 13% of the visits came via an iPhone while 11% were on an iPad (this is just one of of the reasons why all of our software products embrace responsive web design as a core feature vs as an add on).

Then consider the stats Google shared in their multi-screen report, and the benefits for making sure your site responds to the range of devices become even more clear.

Google report

It’s through this lens that Travis Warren and Robin Cook, Pomfret School, shared why it’s critical for a school’s web strategy to embrace a multi-screen approach.

In their webinar, they touched on a range of topics including:

  • the rise of the multi-screen world and what it means for web viewing and content consumption
  • how new “user” expectations are forcing organizations to re-evaluate their web strategies
  • what is responsive design and how does it work
  • why Pomfret School embraced responsive design
  • how Pomfret evolved their email strategies based on the rise of the multi-screen world
  • web design guidelines to consider when designing for multiple devices

You can watch the recording of their talk above or browse through their slides below.

I’ll leave you with these last questions.

Have you checked your web analytics to see how prevalent mobile & tablets are in your community? And, if so, what strategy have you embraced to meet this new reality?

Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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