Idea to Feature: Enrollment Contracts: Know your numbers!

April 18, 2014 Peter Baron

It’s that time of year when so many in the admission world are keeping a close watch on their enrollment contract numbers and asking lots of questions:

How many current students are returning?

How many existing families have informed us that they’re not returning?

For my newly admitted students, where are we with returned enrollment contracts?

Balancing the numbers is anything but easy, and schools are always looking for a better way to keep tabs on their available spaces.

A Better Way to Track Your Enrollment Contracts!

In this Idea to Feature, Brenda Noiseux, Product Owner for onBoard, shares how our new Contract Summary Totals report was designed with this very thing in mind.

The report breaks down the contract information into two parts — Re-Enrollment and Newly Admitted Candidates — giving admission officers the ability to see all of the data in one place.

For newly accepted students, you can see, by grade, how many students have accepted and returned your awarded contracts.

For existing students, you can keep tabs on the number of students who have returned their contracts or indicated that they’re not returning. This data is broken down by grade as well.

Laying the information out in this manner gives admission offices a leg up when it comes to understanding how the student body will take shake heading into the fall.

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