January 4, 2016 Blackbaud K12

Blackbaud has worked with Student Information Systems provider inRESONANCE to develop a single sign-on (SSO) integration that can grant SSO access for Parents and Students into the company’s Family Access Module (FAM), where grades, attendance and schedules can be posted. This single sign-on solution also supports link access into other areas of the inRESONANCE platform, such as their Re-Enrollment module. Schools can feature the SSO using the Resource Board (see below) in the “ON” products.

Single Sign-on
Blackbaud will install the inRESONANCE integration, which adds a new management role to the “ON” products. The inRESONANCE Manager can enable the integration through the Settings screen by entering the applicable FAM URL and selecting their participating roles and link options.

We deliver open, customizable FileMaker® Pro administrative databases, and related web services, for education and non profits—including admissions/enrollment, registrar/student information system, and fundraising/development. After over a decade of working with schools and non-profits, we can help you plan for appropriate data integration, including Single Sign-on (SSO) with your Blackbaud web site. We develop for both Mac and Windows and have solutions in more than 250 schools and non-profits worldwide.

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