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With the integration of Blackbaud’s “ON” Products calendar solution and SchoolDude’s facility scheduling solution (EventEssentials) you will experience seamless facility scheduling. ConnectSchedules-Blackbaud allows EventEssentials to sync with the ON calendar, streamlining your facility scheduling process and eliminating double entry. The integration allows you to select which events belong on specific calendars, or gives you the ability to publish events to all calendars.

About the Integration:

Blackbaud and SchoolDude have developed an integration to help streamline clients’ facility scheduling utilizing FSDirect. The solution synchronizes events from SchoolDude's FSDirect facility usage and scheduling tool into an event category in the “ON” products.

Clients who opt to enable this integration will use FSDirect as their primary event management tool to manage room booking, employ an approval process and track potential conflicts.

To activate the integration, the SchoolDude Manager enters the school’s FSDirect Account ID, Passcode and Event Group ID from the drop-down menu, and e-mail address into the SchoolDude Settings within Core. At this time, the manager selects whether or not FSDirect Private Events will sync with Core in the feed. After saving these settings, the integration becomes active, and the hourly syncing of calendar data begins.

The SchoolDude Manager can match locations in the “ON” Products  and SchoolDude using the Building/Room Matching Task. Specific rooms can be identified using “Edit Rooms” once the Buildings have been matched in both systems. Matching these locations will identify and populate the event location eld during the data synchronization.    


School professionals can also submit facility event requests to FSDirect via the “ON” Products. By doing so, all of a school’s event management information can be housed in one location, eliminating double data entry and the need to compare multiple calendars to view all events scheduled across campus.


The “ON” Products incorporates a reproduction of the FSDirect Event Request form that can be made available to the Roles the SchooDude Manager elects to give access - Content, Page and SchoolDude Managers.When the authorized user submits a completed event request, including the categories where that event should be published, it is pushed to SchoolDude for approval. Once that event has been approved in SchoolDude, it is published to the categories and group specified in the original event request in the next sync. Any modifications made in SchoolDude will be updated in ON on the next scheduled synchronization


Data synchronization

Calendar data is synchronized hourly from FSDirect into a single primary event category within Content. After items have been imported, they can be shared with other event categories in Content. Once the integration is activated, any additions, deletions and modifications should update in all shared categories within Content.

About SchoolDude

For the last decade, SchoolDude has served the needs of more than 500 independent and private K-12 schools. SchoolDude offers cloud-based solutions to streamline all areas of your operations – maintenance management, energy management, facility usage, technology management, and safety management. SchoolDude helps private and independent institutions save time and money by managing support services effectively and efficiently.

For more information, contact your Blackbaud K-12 Account Executive.
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