January 5, 2016 Blackbaud K12

For the last decade, SchoolDude has served the needs of more than 500 independent and private K-12 schools. SchoolDude offers cloud-based solutions to streamline all areas of your operations – maintenance management, energy management, facility usage, technology management, and safety management. SchoolDude helps private and independent institutions save time and money by managing support services effectively and efficiently.

With the integration of WhippleHill’s calendar solution and SchoolDude’s facility scheduling solution (EventEssentials) you will experience seamless facility scheduling. ConnectSchedules-WhippleHill allows EventEssentials to sync with the WhippleHill calendar, streamlining your facility scheduling process and eliminating double entry. The integration allows you to select which events belong on specific calendars, or gives you the ability to publish events to all calendars.

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