Admissions Scheduling: EAP Schools Wanted!

June 13, 2017 Jackie Christensen

Happy days! The onBoard team has kicked off the coding for our Admissions Scheduling initiative! We’re planning on a limited release this summer. Interested in joining the EAP?

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Admissions Scheduling is an initiative that has evolved throughout our Discovery process, which included over a dozen Admissions Offices and started in earnest back in February.

We learned early on that there was a big opportunity for us to help Admissions Offices more efficiently identify and proactively book dates/times on the Admissions calendar for visits and interviews. To facilitate this process we are going to pull in the Core > School Calendar into the Admissions dashboard. Talk about Whole School Connected!

Imagine having insight into when the next home Basketball game is happening while scheduling a visit with a candidate who selected Basketball as an inquiry interest all from the same calendar view? That’s what is coming with this feature.

We are also going to improve associating visit participants (Student Hosts, Coaches, etc) as well as the notification process for confirming and reminding everyone involved. Another whole school connected benefit will be having access to your Student participant’s onRecord schedule when adding them to the agenda.

Ultimately, we also plan to add an option to allow candidate families to self-schedule their interviews and tours based on the openings you publish right from their onBoard checklist. That way Admission Offices can focus more on giving families a VIP experience and less on the administrative labor of coordinating calendars.

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