Finding Candidates with Missing Information Just Got A Lot Easier – Idea to Feature

January 15, 2015 Peter Baron

It’s crunch time for admissions! Offices are feverishly preparing their application files so their committees can begin the important work of identifying the candidates that best fit their communities.

This means that admission officers need to quickly and easily find the application files that aren’t complete. Maybe a candidate has yet to come to campus for an interview. Perhaps recommendation forms are missing.

The school needs to be able to ID those Candidate Records in order to remind their families about what’s due.

In today’s Idea to Feature, Brenda Noiseux, Product Manager for onBoard, shares how the process of finding incomplete records is made much easier through an enhancement to Work Lists.

Finding Candidates with Missing Information is a Snap!

Now in onBoard’s Work List, you can run lists of candidates who are missing certain Criteria (Interviews, Visits, References, Test Scores, and Schools).

These lists aren’t static — far from it.

You can click into any candidate record, and then use the Next & Previous Candidate buttons to add notes, update checklists, etc. to any of the Candidate Records that are part of your Work List.

This enhancement makes finding candidates with missing information that much easier.

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