Generate More Leads & Enrolled Students through the Art of the Content Offer #PODCAST

February 18, 2016 Peter Baron

What if I told you that packaging existing expertise and materials into a compelling, gated content offer can create an admission pipeline that yields a collective thumbs up from your school’s board?

What if an offer produced stats like this:

628 downloads -> 194 admissions leads -> 27 enrolled students

Am I correct to assume you’d say, “sign me up, teach me how to do that!”?

If I’ve guessed right (and I certainly hope that’s the case), then let me introduce you to Tannika Wester, Director of Communications, and Luke Chaffin, Content Manager, at Darlington School, a co-ed boarding & day school in Rome, GA.

In episode 25 of Blackbaud K-12’s Get Connected podcast, they joined me to share how their content offer campaigns generate high-quality leads that they then nurture through the admission funnel (Note: the stats above are direct results of Darlington campaigns run in 2014-2015).

Before we dive into the episode, let’s break down the idea of the “content offer” by starting with these two questions.

While creating content is something many of us do on a daily basis, are you packaging it into a bigger, gated offer (say an e-book or how-to guide) that answers the fundamental questions that families are asking as they search for the perfect private school. After a parent raises their hand, enters their information, and downloads your materials, are you nurturing them with additional helpful content as they work their way through the admission process?

Tannika & Luke answered these questions by building a series of offers (many in the form of e-books) to address the common concerns that families face during the admission process. By providing helpful content, and then lead nurturing the parents who completed the offer, they’ve built a repeatable workflow that has paid measurable dividends for Darlington.

For any school concerned with new student enrollment, take 35 minutes to hear the Darlington story. You’ll walk away with ideas that you can fold into your marketing strategy.

For an overview of what we covered, make sure to check out the episode notes below.

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Episode Notes:

  • Learn about the evolution of Darlington’s marketing strategy. Tannika & Luke explain what drew them to inbound marketing and how the school’s board empowered them to consider the possibilities.
  • When spinning up an inbound strategy, how do you get started? Hear how Darlington began.
  • Content marketing can mean different things to different people. What drew me to Darlington’s work was the way they’ve used content offers to be both helpful and drive leads.
  • How does Darlington come up with their original content offer ideas? Tannika & Luke explain.
  • Critical to any marketing campaign is demonstrating ROI. Listen to learn the stats!
  • Tannika & Luke share how they see content marketing evolving in the K-12 private school world.
  • For a school considering building a content marketing strategy, Tannika & Luke offer their best advice for getting started.


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