Maximizing the Five Stages of Enrollment Marketing

October 8, 2019 William Bullard

Though enrollment has always been one of the three most crucial areas for independent schools, it has emerged as the most significant, with many schools buffeted by demographic, societal, financial, and competitive changes. Below you will find new ways of approaching that most critical process: enrollment marketing.

In this eBook from William Bullard, you will discover how you can bolster your enrollment marketing and achieve greater ROI and yield through a five-stage model:

1. Marketing strategy

2. Marketing programs

3. Innovative approaches to increase applications

4. Targeted, personal communications

5. Retention

Building on the foundational piece of a solid strategy, the second stage of enrollment marketing focuses on utilizing tailored marketing campaigns to increase interest and inquiries. The third stage prioritizes boosting applications via targeted, data-driven marketing and lead nurturing, followed by innovative personalization techniques that will improve yield. Lastly, in stage five, I discuss that most crucial and often under-appreciated goal: increasing retention through broader organizational strategies and marketing execution with a special focus on the transitional grades.

Please download the eBook above to learn more. 

About the Author

William Bullard

William Bullard is the founder of EdChanges, a marketing firm that offers educational institutions a breadth of strategic marketing services. William moved into education in 2012 after a business career that included direct marketing, wireless communications, and lead generation and nurturing. He was the director of communications at two Boston-area schools before starting EdChanges in 2016, from which he has consulted with many schools, service providers, marketing agencies, and non-profits. His content marketing includes articles, webinars, eBooks, and speaking engagements for Blackbaud, NAIS, the Enrollment Management Association, Finalsite, Independent Thinking’s Head’s Letter, and other school leaders. William is deeply steeped in independent schools, having attended Pike and Berkshire Schools, where he has over a 100-year family history. His children gained an excellent education at Gilman and Bryn Mawr in Baltimore. William has found his two non-profit board memberships rewarding and valuable to his education marketing work, and enjoys volunteering for his alma mater, Trinity College. He can be reached at

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