What Every Private Schools Need to Know about Personalized Marketing #Podcast

May 8, 2015 Peter Baron

After a few weeks off, we’re back with episode four of Blackbaud K-12’s Get Connected Podcast.

In this episode, I’m joined by Brendan Schneider from Sewickley Academy. Brendan’s widely considered to be the foremost expert on inbound marketing in private schools, and in this episode he dives into a particularly hot topic – personalized marketing.

If you’re at all interested in the concept, this podcast is perfect for you. Brendan offers a primer on what every private school needs to know to get started with marketing automation and personalization.

Our conversation started with a definition and an example — learn how Google’s logged-in experience allows the search giant to tailor their search experience down to the individual level.

From there, we looked at the types of opportunities available to schools along with how Sewickley has dipped its toes into personalization.

Make sure to stick around until the end — the last segment jumps into a brainstorming session on how schools can apply personalized marketing in their admission funnels. Lots of inspiration to be gained here.

You have a few listening options. Download the episode, listen to the podcast below or subscribe to our channel on iTunes!

Episode Notes:

  • Brendan kicks off the conversation with a definition of marketing personalization. How can private schools apply the concept to the admission process?
  • Hear how companies personalize their marketing with a look at how Google is individualizing search results.
  • Learn how Sewickley has adopted marketing automation and personalization. Brendan shares their 1.0 experiences, what 2.0 looks like for Sewickley, and the big dreams for their 3.0 plan.
  • It’s brainstorming time. First, hear how personalized marketing is benefiting both a small Northeast boarding school & a large Northwest University. Second, listen to Brendan’s reaction and see his brain churn as he thinks about how to apply these lessons to Sewickley’s marketing.

About the Author

Peter Baron

Peter Baron is the Chief Member Relations Officer at the Enrollment Management Association. Prior to joining EMA, Peter served as a senior product marketing manager, for Blackbaud K-12. Peter is the founder of edSocialMedia, a community-driven site dedicated to exploring the role of social media in education. He regularly contributes to various online communities and education conferences like NAIS, CASE/NAIS & SSATB to explain the importance of providing modern, user-friendly experiences for school constituents. Peter also serves as a trustee for Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School and is an Executive Committee member of TABS’ North American Boarding School Initiative.

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