Enrollment Management at Vistamar School

In this video, Kirstyne Lange, the associate director of admissions at Vistamar School in El Segundo, California, discusses why they chose Blackbaud Enrollment Management SystemTM

"Our school chose to use the enrollment management products because they were looking for an all-encompassing database to allow all features to work outside of just the admissions portion of systems," she says.

This decision has had a positive impact on Lange's day-to-day enrollment management duties.

"I use that software every single day to manage checklists; to see the status of when families are coming in; and if we've got them scheduled and where they are in our process, to help them navigate materials; and of course, to run data.

"Data informs a lot of the practices for admissions. It has saved us tons of time. We work much more efficiently." She adds that "Our work is more streamlined because we're able to grab the information in one database instead of multiple pieces of services that we were previously using."

What about the impact on the school's families?

"It's definitely made it easy for our families. They're able to one-stop-shop their process with us, and we're able to funnel it all out into one place as well."

What has Blackbaud Enrollment Management System meant for Vistamar School?

"When you take that leap and jump right into the enrollment management products, they really streamline and open up your world to how you have approached admissions if you weren't using this product before. This entire platform has really allowed our school from its inception in 2005 to really grow and enhance the enrollment information."

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