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April 17, 2020 Charlie Lytle


Hi, I am Charlie with Blackbaud.

We know the world we all are in right now has been turned upside down and sideways. However, there are still things like re-enrollment that schools still need to complete.

We know most of you are either finishing up or have finalized your re-enrollment contract process. Now is a good time to pause, reflect on how that process went, and identify changes to make before the next full admissions cycle in the fall.

Blackbaud Enrollment Management SystemTM not only can help streamline the workflows on the school's side, but it can also improve the parent experience as well—all the while keeping the school up to date on each contract.

Built-in reminders can be sent and customized by the school. These reminders will automatically generate a communication to those families who have not completed their contract.

We added a few new features since last year's re-enrollment season. We improved the user experience with the ability to assign contracts in bulk by enhancing our options to filter by role, by grade, by program, and grade level, to name a few.

And since contracts are student-centric, we added features to keep the number of contracts to a minimum by allowing you to build fee schedules with a base contract. Then, using conditional logic, schools can now choose which fees should be applied to a student's contract. Fee schedules for programs like half days or three days, international students, and a different fee for day and boarding students.

As a former admissions manager, I love the Capacity Planning Report. This report tracks contract engagement to up-to-the-minute status for both new and returning students under the Potential students' section. The report can also project next year's enrollment based on contract activity. This was very helpful going into our budgeting process.

The capacity report is also interactive. By clicking on any number or grade in the report, a fly-out report appears, allowing the schools to further customize so that additional action can be taken or reported upon.

Finally, as with all of our SKY reports, filters can be chosen and set to automatically email administrators and board members.

Look for more features in the coming months like re-enrollment checklists for current students.

At Blackbaud, we are here to help during these unprecedented times. If you need assistance with re-enrollment processes and workflows, or have questions on what you have seen in this video, please reach out to your Blackbaud account executive.

Thank you.

About the Author

Charlie Lytle

Charlie is a technical solutions engineer for Blackbaud’s K–12 Team. He began his career at Blackbaud in October of 2018 after spending the previous eight years at Archbishop Moeller High School. While at Moeller, Charlie was the director of admissions for five years after working three years in the technology department. Prior to Moeller, Charlie was a sales, marketing, product, and brand professional in the retail, eyeglass, construction, and building products industries.

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