Taking Control of the School's Website

In this video, Stacy Jagodowski, the director of marketing and communications at Sinai Akiba Academy in Los Angeles, California, discusses how Blackbaud School Website SystemTM provides complete control of their school website with its flexible CMS tools.

"When I've compared the [Blackbaud School Website System] to other products that I've used, I was really excited about the opportunities that I had to make it my own," Jagodowski says. "At one of my schools, we created a microsite to pair with the print magazine.

"We were able to do it ourselves in-house completely from scratch, and we were able to create a site styled similarly to our main site but having its own look.

"The flexibility of the program allows both the really knowledgeable user and also the user that was not very tech-savvy to jump in and easily work within the system."

Giving various users the right level of content management access is another feature Jagodowski appreciates.

"One of the great things that I love about the product is that we've been able to give people different roles and I've been able to tailor a lot of those roles to their specific needs," she says. "And so I'm able to create a function that works for this individual and this task, and I'm able to clone those roles and make them work for other people in the future."

How does this flexibility positively impact the school?

"It's been really refreshing to have the freedom and flexibility to manage my site myself. Too often in the past, we've been stuck with whatever it is that exists. And you have to go through support channels and sometimes you have to pay extra money.

"The ability to just go in and do it myself has been amazing. That allows us to do quick changes on the fly, and really look at what the school's needs are and figure out what we can do right now ourselves to meet that need."

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