Core Functionality of Blackbaud’s Education Management Portfolio

At the heart of Blackbaud’s education management portfolio (formerly the "ON" Products) is a central database that connects content and constituent data distribution throughout our enrollment management, learning management, student information, and school website solutions. More than a database management system, this core functionality features dynamic community capabilities designed to improve constituent communication and simplify administrative tasks. We believe the core functionality is so critical to your school’s success that it is included with each of Blackbaud’s education management solutions (formerly the "ON" Products).

Key Features

  • All features accessible on mobile devices
  • Blackbaud ID with a single login and two-step authentication for administrators
  • Constituent directory with separate permission settings for employee, parent, student, and alumni access
  • Automated notifications for athletic updates, course assignments, and school announcements
  • Personalized calendar based on participation in school programs
  • E-newsletter with customizable templates, smart distribution lists, and viewership analytics
  • Internal messaging system for students, parents, faculty, and alumni
  • Resource boards for disseminating evergreen content to existing constituents
  • Customizable school forms for collecting permissions, emergency contact information, and profile updates
  • Advanced SKY Reporting® that aligns with school goals for informed decision making

Benefits to Your School

Better Constituent Communication

  • Emergency Bulletin pop-ups announce school cancellations and other critical notices
  • Messaging facilitates threaded conversations between individuals or entire groups, such as a class or team
  • Role-based resource boards provide a hub for general student, parent, faculty, and alumni information
  • The Featured Content feed helps keep important news stories, events, and multimedia from getting lost in the shuffle
  • Personalized calendar is filterable by school programs
  • Constituents are able to designate the information they share in the directory
  • Constituents can customize their email and text notification settings
  • iCal® and RSS feeds help disseminate information

Consolidated User and Data Management

  • Manage constituent data and content (news, events, photos, etc.) in a single database that syncs information to Blackbaud’s accounting, fundraising, enrollment management, learning management, student information, and school website solutions
  • Create unlimited constituent records through admission inquiries and applications, data import, or manual entry
  • Manage constituent contact, biographical, and relationship information —along with system access settings—from one location
  • Use sign-in messages that alert constituents to missing profile information
  • Provide advanced security for administrators with two-step authentication to access personal user information
  • Set directory access defaults for all constituents
  • Conduct filterable list queries for reporting, mailing labels, and mail merges

Detailed Reporting

  • Track facility usage with calendar reports
  • Keep the marketing team informed of readership percentages, bounce rates, and opt-out trends with e-newsletter reports
  • Quickly identify students who are missing emergency contacts
  • Run emergency contacts by grades or sections for remote access on school outings
  • Identify users with bad or missing email addresses
  • Pinpoint duplicates in the system
  • See who has been logging in, those who are locked out, and unclaimed profiles 

Your Whole School Connected 

How can the core functionality of Blackbaud’s education management portfolio (formerly the "ON" Products)​ help connect your whole school?

  • Constituent data originates in the Blackbaud Enrollment Management SystemTM (formerly onBoard®)
  • One login provides parents with access to everything from enrollment contracts, tuition billing, homework assignments, attendance history, and report card
  • Updates to contact information are recognized in the accounting and fundraising systems
  • News and events are shared between the public website and the e-newsletter without duplicate entry

This is your whole school connected with Blackbaud. 

Please download the feature sheet to learn more.

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