Introduction to Blackbaud Student Information System

Learn about Blackbaud Student Information SystemTM, the SIS solution for dependable data. Our SIS works in conjunction with Blackbaud's other education management solutions to provide K–12 private schools with seamless data flow and a unified parent experience from the initial admissions application through reviewing report cards and transcripts. 

Key features highlighted in this video, include:

  • Streamlined academic data by managing student records alongside academic course information in Blackbaud Learning Management SystemTM for unparalleled administrator insight
  • Customizable academic formulas for numeric or letter grading
  • Configurable schedule to match the school's unique structure
  • Course request management that factors prerequisites and approvals, and the benefits of having a comprehensive overview on the scheduling dashboard
  • Attendance tracking from the My Day page for quick access and insight into students who have already been marked absent
  • Ability to quickly locate students via the Find Me Now feature
  • Efficient student data management for creating and securely sharing learning profiles, official notes, infractions, and medical records
  •  Report card and transcript builder with drag-and-drop editor and style controls to customize a layout and appearance that matches the school’s branding and specifications

Please contact us today to learn more about Blackbaud Student Information System.

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Blackbaud Student Information System Infosheet
Blackbaud Student Information System Infosheet

Learn how Blackbaud’s robust student information system (SIS) manages student records alongside academic co...