Blackbaud Student Information System Infosheet

December 3, 2018

How does Blackbaud Student Information System (formerly onRecord®) provide data peace of mind? Blackbaud’s robust SIS software manages student records alongside academic course information in Blackbaud Learning Management System™ (formerly onCampus®) for seamless data flow and unparalleled administrator insight via SKY Reporting™. Best of all, parents and students appreciate logging into a single, mobile-friendly app to see schedules, make course requests, and view report cards and attendance history.

Key Features

  • Customize academic performance formulas for grading—supports numeric or letter grades
  • Build an online schedule that matches the school’s unique structure
  • Track attendance—includes dismissal and pre-excuse management
  • Factor prerequisites and facilitate the approval process with online course requests
  • Organize the layout and appearance of transcripts and report cards to match school branding
  • Create learning profiles for secure, individualized education plans
  • Add official notes to a student’s record and set viewing rights
  • Track misbehavior by enabling faculty to record infractions
  • Securely manage medical records
  • Access the core functionality of Blackbaud’s education management portfolio, which is included with the subscription—adding features such as school forms, internal messaging, directories, and SKY Reporting

Benefits to Your School

Increase efficiency and save time.

  • Academic information flows seamlessly from Blackbaud Learning Management System, avoiding duplicate entry and ensuring accurate grading data
  • Faculty can bulk-add class attendance—even on a phone or tablet
  • Academic profiles provide a single location for accessing a student’s enrollment record, learning profile, attendance history, schedule, and official transcript
  • Find Me Now feature enables admins to quickly identify a student or faculty member’s location
  • Schedule Maker provides conflict notification
  • Clerical work is minimized for the school nurse by having parents enter medical information
  • Conduct infractions are auto-generated based on attendance entries
  • Attendance manager can easily view attendance taken, pre-mark absences, and manage attendance records

Improve parent communication. (Less calls to the front office!)

  • On-the-go parents can access all features on mobile devices
  • Find Me Now feature enables parents to see where their child is located
  • Parents can be granted access to attendance history, awards, learning profiles, schedules, official notes, report cards, and transcripts
  • Parents are able to access historical transcripts and report cards
  • Parents see the details of conduct infractions to help facilitate at-home conversations
  • Parents can easily update emergency contacts and medical records

Your Whole School, Connected

How does Blackbaud Student Information System help connect your whole school?

  • Parents use the same login credentials to access enrollment contracts as they do to view attendance history and transcripts
  • Medical alerts display for teachers, advisors, coaches, and dorm parents in group rosters
  • Student profiles are enriched with schedules, conduct information, and official notes
  • Assignment and assessment grades from the LMS compile into final term grades on report card

Please download the SIS feature sheet to learn more.

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