Schedule Maker 2.0 Blackbaud Student Information System Feature Enhancements

February 13, 2017

We continue to enhance our first version of Schedule Maker in Blackbaud Student Information System (formerly onRecord®). The updated version, Schedule Maker 2.0, includes new features, an updated algorithm, and additional user options.


Schedule Maker 2.0 does not require all data to be in place before running. New updates enable the solution to begin running based on whatever data is provided. You can now specify teachers on the course record, not just at the department level. In Schedule Maker 2.0, faculty members receive block availability from their departments, but will only ever automatically be scheduled on a course if they are directly listed as a resource for that course. For example, your school’s math department might consist of 10 teachers, but only two teach Algebra 1. 

Additional Options in Schedule Maker 2.0

The updated features also give you the ability to:

  • Run schedules for multiple school levels and terms
  • Schedule or clear teachers, rooms, or blocks
  • Filter course departments, grade levels, or specific courses

How to Prepare Your School

  • Read Knowledgebase Article 107622: “How do I add a teacher to a course record?”
  • Ensure that you have minimum and maximum target class sizes specified on your course records by using the “Generate Student Schedules” function in Schedule Maker
  • Read Knowledgebase Article 107623: “How can I manually edit or update the number of class sections for a course?”
  • Ensure that you have room capacities specified on room records; read Knowledgebase Article 107627: “How do I set the room capacity?”

Learn more about how the features in Blackbaud Student Information System can help your school today.

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