School and Data Management at The Buckley School

October 23, 2019

In this video, Linda Caldwell, the registrar at The Buckley School in New York City, discusses how Blackbaud Student Information SystemTM and Blackbaud Learning Management SystemTM have transformed the school's data management practices.

"When I was hired at Buckley, there were many different databases that we were using and I was spending a lot of time updating each individual database," she says. "That's when I came upon Blackbaud and started reading about the different products that they had, and I presented it to my IT director and he was excited to have everything combined into one platform.

"As far as what I did before, it has streamlined it—totally streamlined it—it is so incredible now."

What about the parent experience?

"Another thing that Blackbaud has really helped us with is building the relationship with our parents," Caldwell says. "Our parents are really excited. Everything is accessible on their phones. We're able to put any information that parents need to find just one click away, and to me, happy parents, happy students, happy faculty—everybody's happy. And happy headmaster, too."

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