Student Attendance Management at St. Catherine's School

In this video, Tracy Perkins, executive assistant and project manager for the director of middle school at St. Catherine's School in Richmond, Virginia, discusses how Blackbaud Student Information SystemTM has transformed student attendance management.

"I interact with the SIS on a daily basis," Perkins says. "I do a recording of attendance all-day long, changing and adding-in and keeping that on track for our teachers and for our records. I need to often find where students are, so the function that I love to use is Find Me Now.

"In the past, right when I got there, we had a giant binder of everyone's schedule, and now all I need to do is click on Find Me Now, put their name in, and the schedule comes up and I can easily find them."

How does this impact the day-to-day of student attendance management?

"It is vital for us to have the updated attendance information in real-time. The parent will come in and they say, 'Whoops, I forgot to let you know that my daughter has a doctor's appointment in 30 minutes.'

"And I need to get her out of class and I don't know where she is. So, then that's where I put in Find Me Now and I can find their student right away."

Perkins also benefits from Blackbaud Student Information System as a parent.

"I also utilize this system as a parent to check to see how my daughter is doing. I can see her grades. I can see her classes if I need to make an appointment for her. I can see what her schedule is and make sure that I work around her free period and her classes."

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