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Blackbaud’s Financial Aid Management

Need the complete picture of a family before you make a decision regarding financial aid rewards? Blackbaud Financial Aid Management helps you award aid to the most deserving families by looking beyond the financial analysis and allowing you to see deeper into family behaviors.

Key Features 

  • The customizable application allows you to ask the questions you want answered
  • Responsive design makes your content attractive on any device
  • The application process is simple and easy to access
  • Greater accuracy avoids over or under awarding families Intuitive interface and reporting makes decision-making easy
  • Blackbaud Tuition Management™ allows you to communicate with families and post awards directly to accounts
  • Hobbies, Interests, and Lifestyles (HIL) Profile gives a complete picture of family behaviors

Benefits to Your School

1. Customization

  • Our staff coordinates with your team to customize over 50 calculation settings
  • A fair and equitable formula is created based on your school policies and enrollment parameters
  • The application can be tailored to include questions that are important to your school

2. Application

  • The application is one of the easiest in the industry to complete, and most families can finish it in under 20 minutes
  • The online application is available in English and Spanish
  • The financial aid mobile app is easy to access on any device

3. Documentation

  • Families can upload, mail, email, or fax supporting documents, like tax returns, W-2 forms, and pay stubs
  • Families receive email reminders to submit missing documents

4. Verification

  • An automated process initiates document reviews
  • Our experienced team reviews each application individually and verifies financial information
  • Once an application has been verified, a recommendation of need is made

5. Reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting provides the recommended need for each family that has applied
  • Reporting is available on demand, with real-time updates
  • Our unique HIL Profile presents family behavior data in a convenient, easy-to-view dashboard

6. Awarding

  • The budget tool allows you to manage awards and control decisions on how to disburse financial aid
  • Available templates can be customized to communicate financial aid amounts, right from Blackbaud Financial Aid Management
  • Awards can be posted directly to Blackbaud Tuition Management 
Please download the document above to learn more.
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