3 Reasons to Use Instagram Live at Your Private School

January 3, 2017 Cody Barbierri

By now, you’ve likely heard that Instagram, owned by Facebook, is now rolling out its live video feature to the masses in the United States. For boarding and private schools, Instagram has been a tremendous tool for connecting with students and parents as well as prospective families. So how can the live video feature be utilized to continue that success? Below we’ve given you three reasons why your school should use Instagram live video immediately:

Note: The live video will disappear once it is complete. This is important to keep in mind as we often face issues about replaying live video after it’s taken.

School Announcements:

This one seems pretty obvious, but as live video continues to become more popular, being able to tap into these tools to make quick announcements to the school community, along with Facebook, Twitter and the rest, is important. Have your Head of School, Class President or other authoritative figure start a live Instagram video from the school’s account to remind the community about events, like that the Pep Rally is at 5 pm that night, or that Varsity Girls Basketball game has been rescheduled to a different time. The key is for the announcement to not be so important that people can’t miss it (if they don’t tune in for the live stream they won’t see it), but important enough to directly engage the school community to help with reach. Have an all school assembly each week? The Communications Office can live video it on Instagram for any students who may be traveling or sick. At the end of the day, as video becomes more and more popular, you’ll want easy ways to make an announcement via video to your school community.

Events like Open Houses:

For the most part, outside of sports specifically, private and boarding schools like their videos to be well polished and presentable. This is understandable, so what events are good for a live video option? Open Houses are often held a couple times a year and can have a number of events within that given day for prospective families to attend. The Instagram live video option can be ideal for these events as families may not be able to attend. The video being in real-time would be ideal for them to tune in, check it out and then move on. The video disappearing once you’re done filming ensures that the school doesn’t have to worry about anything still existing online that may not be as polished as they desire. Open Houses are just one example, but exploring the events you have on campus that may be appropriate for real-time viewers, but not to remain online forever is something you should start thinking about now.

New Notifications:

If you’re the owner of an Instagram account, you’ve likely experienced this in masses already. The new live video feature on Instagram comes with a new notification for all users. When someone you follow starts a new live video, you’ll receive a pop-up style notification on your phone. So even if you had notifications silenced in the past, it appears these new ones are sneaking through. Why is this a big deal? Well, it means you can more easily gain the attention of your followers when it may not have been possible in the past. The algorithm already decides who sees what posts (Thanks, Facebook) and now it will decide who sees your live video notifications, but it appears early on that many of them are going through as notifications.

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