Blackbaud ID is Coming to Blackbaud Tuition Management Schools

January 11, 2018 Amy Hammond

We’ve got more good news to share regarding Blackbaud ID (BBID)—it’s also coming soon to Blackbaud Tuition Management schools! If you read our previous post on BBID and the “ON” products, then you already know about the tremendous benefits this release will provide. If you didn’t read the article, here’s a quick recap:

  • A single sign-on for the Blackbaud products that schools use most (RE NXT, FE NXT, the “ON” suite, and Smart);
  • Optional two-step authentication to keep your school’s and families’ information as safe and secure as possible;
  • Access to the Blackbaud User Community (side note: if you haven’t been to the Blackbaud Tuition Management Community yet, it’s definitely worth checking out).

Along with the ease of BBID, you will see a new navigation bar at the top of Blackbaud Tuition Management screens that will allow users to seamlessly switch between other Blackbaud products (RE NXT, FE NXT, “ON”).

From this common navigation, users will also be able to manage their Blackbaud ID and turn on two-step authentication. Once activated, users will be required to enter a unique one-time verification code supplied via text message at login. You can learn more about Authentication Settings here and two-step authentication here. As shown in the screenshot below, simply click on your initials in the upper right-hand corner to access your Blackbaud ID Profile.

I hope you are as excited as we are about this new feature, which will make managing and navigating all of your Blackbaud products a breeze.

Early Adopter Program (EAP)

The BBID early adopter program for Blackbaud Tuition Management schools begins this month with an anticipated release for all schools this spring. If you’re interested in joining the EAP for Blackbaud Tuition Management school users, please complete this form.

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Amy Hammond

Amy Hammond is the Group Product Manager for Blackbaud Smart Tuition and Smart Aid. She lives in Cleveland and is happiest when building great new features for our customers, reading, or cooking. Don’t hesitate to share your best book recommendation, favorite recipe, or great Smart product ideas!

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