Finish Strong: End of Fiscal Year Fundraising Advice for Private Schools! [PODCAST]

May 28, 2015 Peter Baron

Hard to believe, but we’re fast approaching June 30th.

For many on campus, that means they’re mere days away from summer break. For school development officers? Well, it’s a different story.

This last month of fundraising can be among the most hectic and stressful days of the year — it’s time to make a final push to hit any open 2014-2015 fundraising goals.

What kind of tactics are you using to get your campaigns across the goal line? Are you wrapping in good storytelling to create a last minute emotional hook to engage your constituents?

The Fundraising Coach, Marc A. Pitman, joins me in Episode 5 of Blackbaud K–12’s Get Connected Podcast to give his take on how schools can maximize the impact of their EOY fundraising.

Listen in to hear his advice on strategy, successful examples from in and out of schools, plus some of the creative EOY tactics that he loved to use when he was a boarding school development director.

You have a few listening options. Download the episode, listen to the podcast below or subscribe to our channel on iTunes!

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