From Head of School to Consultant: Breaking down the shift w/ Jonathan E. Martin!

October 1, 2015 Peter Baron

For Jonathan E. Martin, his career as an educator didn’t peak after becoming a head of school, in fact, it kept rising.

While head, he started a blog that drew a large audience of educators interested in what he had to say about education.

This successful run at blogging ultimately encouraged Jonathan to embark on a new career as a consultant (JonathanEMartin Ed. Services) — one that allows him to share his ideas and direction with a much larger group of schools.

What fascinates me about his progression is the backstory – how did he manage the the shift from leading a school to becoming a consultant?

This led to more questions.

What were the key moments when Jonathan realized that he had the potential to grow a consulting business? What are the up and downsides of being out of schools? From his consulting perch, what are some of the common challenges that he sees facing schools as they try to improve or even shift education directions? What’s it like to be a full-time learner after many years of leading Saklan Valley School and most recently St. Gregory College Preparatory School?

Jonathan & I explored all of these in episode 16 of Blackbaud K-12’s Get Connected Podcast. I want to thank Jonathan for coming on the show to share his story and, if you have any questions for him, please make sure to leave a comment below!

For an overview of what we covered, make sure to check out the episode notes below.

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Episode Notes

  • Jonathan introduces himself and the work that he does at Jonathan E. Martin Ed Services.
  • Hear what drew Jonathan to becoming a consultant. He shares the journey he took from head of school to blogger to full time consulting.
  • Jonathan reflects on some of the common challenges that he sees facing schools.
  • What’s the upside/downside to consulting? Jonathan answers that question toward the end of the podcast!

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