Is Your Private School Spending Enough Time Mapping the Parent Journey? #PODCAST

November 19, 2015 Peter Baron

Chuck English

Before I introduce this episode’s guest, let me throw out a common scenario. Imagine you’re a school admission director or maybe you run communications.

You’re probably thinking about all the different ways a parent may interact with your school.

Where does their initial connection happen? How are we nurturing the family through the admission process? What kind of experience are we delivering after they’ve enrolled in the school? Are we consistent?

In an ideal world, we’d have this all plotted, but it’s a complicated recipe to prepare. It takes time, and it’s not easy.

In understanding the complexities associated with mapping the overall parent journey, Chuck English of English Marketing Works spelled it all out for us in his recently released free e-Book, “Tailoring the Parent Experience”.

Chuck has been doing a lot of thinking over the past few years around how schools can build a better experience for their families, and I’m excited for you to hear his ideas in episode 20 of Blackbaud K-12’s Get Connected Podcast.

For a full breakdown of what we covered, make sure to check out the episode notes below.

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Episode Notes:

  • Earlier this fall, Chuck wrote an ebook for us on tailoring the parent experience. Chuck explains why you need to concern yourself with the parent experience. One reason —  market conditions have changed, and customer expectations are on the rise.
  • The book recommends that schools “define” the parent experience. Chuck talks about how schools can dive into and make sense of this process.
  • Once a school understands the various touch points that are part of tailoring the parent experience, how can they begin to implement a plan? Chuck shares his ideas.
  • We all love case studies, and with a topic as complicated as tailoring the parent experience, they’re a necessity. Learn about a few schools that are doing it well.


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