Learn How to Supercharge Your School’s Email Marketing #PODCAST

August 6, 2015 Peter Baron

There’s little debate about social media’s ability to build and sustain relationships through good storytelling. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become pillars in our marketing strategies.

But not to be forgotten is our old friend email marketing. It remains a vital component of our overall communication plan. Every constituent group — from admission applicants to alums — requires a level of direct nurturing that email brilliantly facilitates.

But can we do it better? Can we create email campaigns that earn bumps in open and clickthrough rates?

The answer, of course, is yes.

There’s always a next level — the question that makes me curious is how do we take the next step?

Which schools have already jumped to another plain when it comes to private school email marketing?

My answer? Look to Cheshire Academy.

In episode 12 of Blackbaud K–12’s Get Connected Podcast, Cheshire Academy’s Associate Director of Digital Marketing, Caitlin Garzi, shares how Cheshire boosted its email marketing strategy in just one short year.

Hear how they more than doubled their open rate and tripled clickthroughs.

For a breakdown of what we covered, make sure to check out the episode notes below.

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Episode notes:

– Caitlin shares what Cheshire’s email marketing/communication strategy looked like when she first arrived. Hear her talk about the immediate opportunities that she saw after auditing their strategy.

– As we got into the conversation, Caitlin talks about how they decide on the kinds of content to use in their emails and how they make it specific to their core audiences.

– Considering the rise of mobile and the fact that people process images at a far greater rate than text, Cheshire’s strategy has evolved from a pure design standpoint. Get a sense of the changes and what’s in store for CA.

– After installing their new approach, I asked about the numbers. Caitlin talks about the growth in open and clickthrough rates.

– At some point, we all need to measure reader satisfaction. Are they enjoying and reacting to what we’re sending? Caitlin shares how they keep themselves “honest” when it comes to reader satisfaction and provides an example of how feedback has shifted their strategy.

– We all need some inspiration to keep ideas fresh. Learn the companies Caitlin turns to for email marketing inspiration.

– We conclude with a tip — Caitlin shares her favorite piece of advice for schools considering an email marketing revamp.

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