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June 19, 2015 Sarah Lindahl

Hey Everyone!

Nicole and Sarah, here. We want to talk to you about the newest way you can get support for the Blackbaud K-12 ON Products: Chat! As most of you have probably noticed, we added a handy, dandy Help Panel to the App with the 6/3 release. This Help Panel has a lot of really incredible features including context sensitive help and access to the Knowledgebase, but we’re not here to talk to you about those things. We’re here to talk to you about Chat, which is also available on the Help Panel.

To open the Help Panel, in any of the ON or Core Personas, click the gray question mark:

To get to Chat, simply click on the word Chat:


A Chat window will automatically be opened with an awaiting Customer Support Analyst. Even if you click it by accident or you just couldn’t resist clicking the icon to see what it does, an Analyst will be notified that you need assistance. If this happens, feel free to say a quick hello to us and let us know you were just checking things out, that way we won’t worry that you need help and can’t see our chats that we are sending to you. Plus, we just like to hear from you!

One thing to be aware of when chatting is you can only access Chat in the ON or Core Personas, this means if you go into Faculty, Parent or any other view, the Help Panel with your chat will disappear. Luckily, you can pop the Chat out of the Help Panel by clicking on the square with the arrow in it:

Once Chat is popped out, it will look like this:


Popping out Chat also makes the font a little bigger so if you forgot your glasses at home, popping out Chat might save you from squinting with your face three inches from the screen to make out our responses!
Here’s how we feel about Chat. We love it! It gives you one more way to reach out to Support and gives us an additional method of helping you out. Support is now right at your fingertips and we can help you while you are right in the middle of your problem without you having to pick up a phone or write up what’s happening in a ticket. Chat allows us to help out multiple schools at once which means we are helping more people find solutions in a timely manner. We’re also the same Analysts you may have spoken to on the phone or through a ticket, you’re just reaching us in a different medium.

Don’t want to believe us about how great is it? Here’s a couple reviews we’ve gotten from users we’ve already chatted with:

Super service! Love the chat feature embedded in the app. Thanks!

The live chat service is a great change… talking live with someone is very efficient and helpful.

So far, the responses have been positive! You love the Chat feature just as much as we do!

Currently, only Platform Managers can use Chat. This isn’t because we don’t want to talk to all of you (trust me, we do!) but to make sure we can answer all the Chats that come in, in a timely manner. We (Sarah and Nicole) will be who you are chatting with most of the time but as the feature gets more popular, you might get to chat with other analysts as well.

When using Chat, try and contact us with specific questions rather than general best practice type questions. We’re here to help you when you need a friendly reminder about where something is, you think something is wrong with the Software, or you need help accomplishing a particular task. If you need a walk through of a product or you’re wondering what the best way to do something is, you can certainly chat with us but we’ll recommend allowing us to have another Analyst follow-up with you via phone, so you can get the best support possible for your question!

We think that’s everything you need to know about Chat for now! The most important thing to remember is we’re here to help you and give you the best possible experience with the App. We’re here to alleviate your frustrations and provide you with the support you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

Chat soon,

Nicole and Sarah

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