SKY UX: Look and Feel Updates Coming to Blackbaud's education management solutions

March 29, 2017 Janet Wittenberg

Blackbaud's education management solutions (formerly the “ON” Products) are getting a significant user experience (UX) update this Summer! This is an exciting milestone because the “ON” products look and feel will now match the look and feel of both Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT. This further solidifies our vision of connecting your whole school with solutions built on a modern and cohesive platform.

If you attended bbcon, UC16 or tuned into the last BB K-12 Roadmap webinar, you probably heard us refer to a corporate wide initiative called SKY™.

Blackbaud is committed to a cloud strategy that is shepherding in unprecedented rapid innovation across the entire product portfolio. The foundation of this strategy is a modern architecture called Blackbaud SKY.

Aligning with NXT

The NXT Solutions are designed with SKY UX a modern RWD (responsive web design) user experience with intuitive and reusable patterns developed collaboratively by our cadre of interaction and design experts. This same user experience is coming to Blackbaud's education management solutions this summer!  

Having all our solutions look the same is just one piece of our SKY strategy. SKY also includes being able to share services and core capabilities across product lines as well as our API.

Other SKY Initiatives

The Blackbaud K-12 product teams have already delivered a number of SKY driven initiatives to Blackbaud's education management solutions over the past two years including:

  • Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS)  and Blackbaud Secure Payments (BBSP) for accepting and processing secure online payments.
  • Blackbaud Communication Services (BBCS) for reliability in sending email.
  • SKY Reporting for powerful data analytics and data access via interactive Lists.

These services and capabilities are shared across the Blackbaud portfolio. Centralizing these means an exponential gain in efficiency, performance and security for our schools.

Preparing for SKY UX

In May 2017, we are going to start an early adopter program (EAP) to get feedback on the SKY UX look and feel in ON. Our intention is to roll out the SKY UX look and feel to all our schools mid-summer ahead of the 2017/2018 school year.

We want to give all of our schools a lot of time to prepare for this change. So we’re offering a webinar to go over the benefits, changes and expectations so that you have talking points and resources to share with your community. We recommend joining the webinar even if you do not intend to join the EAP.

Webinar: Summer 2017 User Experience Updates for Blackbaud's education management solutions​
April 5th @ 1:00 pm EST
Register here

For our most faithful readers, you may experience a bit of déjà vu reading this story. We kicked off this initiative last year and originally thought we’d be able roll it out for the 2016/2017 school year. While it’s taken longer than originally anticipated, we are thrilled to bring it to fruition.

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