Star Wars T-Shirts and 2018 School Website Design Trends #Podcast

January 25, 2018 Daren Worcester

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The Blackbaud K-12 Get Connected podcast is back!

Why the six-month hiatus? Former hosts Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl have moved on to exciting new challenges in the private school world. In this episode, new host Daren Worcester kicks off Episode 49: Star Wars T-Shirts & 2018 School Website Design Trends by catching up with Peter and Hans. Spoiler alert: they let us know where we can hear from them again soon!

The feature discussion begins at the 14:35 mark, where we welcome guest host Stacy Jagodowski, director of marketing and communications at Milken Community Schools in Los Angeles, and begin the interview with Corwin Bermudez and Sean Fitzgerald, senior designers at Blackbaud K-12.

Sean recently penned an important design article for the K-12 blog, Has the Home Page Video Fire Been Extinguished?, and Corwin looked into the future of school website design with his recent post, The Year of the School Website: Top Design Trends for 2018.

Taking a deeper dive into the topics covered in these articles, we tackle questions about the issues with using full-browser home page videos, evolving school website design trends, photography tips, budgeting for a redesign, and how to prepare for a website redesign project so that your school can meet deadlines and wow visitors.

You can listen to the discussion above, download the episode, or subscribe to the Get Connected podcast channel on iTunes (reviews also appreciated).

If you have a question you’d like to hear answered on the podcast, please e-mail (bonus points for questions recorded on your phone that we can play on the podcast).

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Daren Worcester

Daren Worcester has been a member of the Blackbaud K-12 team for 17 years, assisting hundreds of independent schools through a variety of website development roles. A former copywriter and a published author with an appetite for SEO, Daren currently serves as the senior content marketing manager for K-12.

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