Summer Release – Timing is everything

April 22, 2015 Mark Christensen

At this time of the year, it’s never too early to start thinking about summer. And one of the great things coming up soon is our K–12 User Conference in Boston. This is the perfect time for you to get hands-on training with a number of our product enhancements we plan on rolling out.

Our Blackbaud K–12 product teams work on a monthly release cycle to continuously deliver amazing new software updates to our schools. We keep in mind however, that some changes have the potential to be more disruptive than others, particularly when they impact your parents, teachers and students. So, we time the biggest release of the year for the beginning of July, when the vast majority of our schools are on summer break.

It just so happens that this big release is merely a week before our annual K–12 User’s Conference at The Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center in Boston July 8-10. Our trainers will be sharing the latest curriculum during the Day 1 training sessions. If you haven’t already, register now so you can hit the ground running for your 2015-2016 school year.

Here’s just a sampling of the release initiatives slated to go live on July 1st 2015:

Calendar Recode

Calendar copy 

School Forms

SchoolForm2 copy 

Assignment Annotations

AssignmentAnnotation copy 

Student Access to Google Drive

GoogleDriveAccess copy 

Graded Discussion

Discussion copy 

Group Page Access Recode

GroupPageAccess copy 


Medical copy
Schedule Maker – Conflict Matrix

ScheduleMaker copy

If you’ve been to one of our K–12 User Conferences, you know how wonderful the opportunities are for training, brainstorming, and spending quality time with your independent school colleagues. And if not, let this year be your year. Registration is now open!











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