Teacher Appreciation: Celebrating the ones who shaped our future!

May 2, 2016 Mark Christensen

Teacher Appreciation is celebrated throughout the week of May 2-6 with the official day being Tuesday, May 3rd. Take a moment this week to honor your favorite teacher using #bbthankateacher on Twitter and tell us how he or she inspired you!

We all have that special teacher who made the difference for us. I know I do. I remember Ms. Gosling who opened my eyes to the wonders of the art world. She introduced me to a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, and photographs and constantly asked me to “Look. See. And think” at each piece. To this day, every museum I visit or artist I discover during my travels, I often think back to Ms. Gosling and her art appreciation class!

Henry Adams once wrote, ‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’ Each of us has a favorite teacher. One special person who left a thumbprint on our lives. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, a few of the Blackbaud team paused to reflect on the teachers who shaped their futures.

Heather Woolfrey, M.Ed.Solutions Engineer
“My favorite teacher was Mr. Richard. I had him for 6th grade Social Studies. My favorite unit was in Ancient Egypt because he incorporated so many cool projects into those few months. We built our own version of the pyramids using sugar cubes and wrote a story in hieroglyphics. We also learned about the process of mummification which, to a 6th grader, is like the grossest but coolest thing ever! He made learning interesting but most of all he made it interactive which was a great fit for my learning style!”


Will RedwaySenior Account Executive
“Mrs. Barnes. Greenwich High School English Teacher. She knew how to inspire the class and focus my energy on reading. She understood where the motivations of great writers came from. I gained life long lessons from her class and the books I read. Lessons I still use today.”

Todd DeSchuiteneerProduct Support Lead
“My Favorite teacher was Mrs. Walden in my Freshman year Health class. Although the class was mandatory and no one really liked the content, Mrs. Walden came up with fun and exciting options for class presentations and to get us involved. She helped the entire class realize their potential with projects that involved everyone. While some students selected art and visual presentations, some chose more unconventional presentation methods like rapping which kept things fun! She was a great teacher in every sense of the word!”

Andria MullaneySenior Digital Marketing Manager
“Mrs. Nancy-Jo Caplan Zadek, my elementary English teacher, stood out above all the rest as one of the most inspiring, positive and fun educators throughout my childhood. She took the time each day to find new and creative ways to entice her students to fall in love with reading. I have fond memories of her reading books aloud for hours. We’d drifted into the story as if we were right there with the characters. I can’t thank her enough for caring so deeply about her students, and being a role model for every child that was lucky enough to call her their teacher.”

Zach LimogesPrincipal Consultant V
“My favorite teacher was Mr. Roger Tessier, from High School. He found a way to make Math fun, interesting, and humorous (I altered my schedule to ensure I’d have him my final three years). He treated us with respect and held us to the highest standards as students and adults. Mr. Tessier disliked standardized tests but felt it was the right thing to present best the material in a way we could understand and apply the knowledge. I am forever grateful to have had such a powerful and positive role model in my life and continue to apply his lessons every day.”

Teachers, thank you for everything you do… for the things we notice and, more importantly, for the things that go unnoticed. Always remember: You’re some student’s favorite teacher.

Join us as we honor our favorite teachers all this week. Go to #bbthankateacher and share how that special teacher inspired you!

As a special thank you for sharing your teacher gratitude online, we’ll select two of our favorite tweets and reward both you and the teacher you mentioned with a $50 gift card each!

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Mark Christensen has worked in K-12 in various roles throughout his career from classroom teacher to school administrator to marketing communications. He works as the Marketing Manager for Blackbaud's K12 Group. He holds his MBA in Marketing from Rivier College and his Ed.D. in Curriculum & Technology from Plymouth State University/Argosy.

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