Technology Leadership: A Key Ingredient for School Success #PODCAST

July 31, 2015 Peter Baron

His passion for how technology can enhance learning kickstarted Stuart Posin’s private school career, and it continues to fuel him as he moves forward.

In episode 11 of Blackbaud K–12’s Get Connected podcast, Stuart Posin of Posin Consulting (where one of his primary roles is serving as the director of technology at Sierra Canyon School) shares his views on technology leadership and why it’s a key ingredient when it comes to supporting success in schools.

Framing much of our conversation is the recently formed Association of Technology Leaders In Independent Schools (ATLIS).

Stuart, Kelsey Vrooman, The Urban School of San Francisco, and Gabriel Lucas, Ed Tech Recruiting, founded the organization in 2014 to serve as “an advocate for independent school technology leaders and their staff.” ATLIS provides “a focused professional network to share resources and knowledge, grow future leaders in the field, and advance best practices that further the mission of independent schools.”

Stuart shares how ATLIS is positioned to support the greater technology community both in the form of professional development and mentorship.

First, though, if you don’t know Stuart, prior to founding Posin Consulting earlier this year, he spent the vast majority of his career working in private schools.

Most recently as the Director of Academic and Administrative Technology at Marlborough School and before that as the Director of Technology at The Buckley School.

On top of all of his ground floor contributions, he sits on the board of the Online School for Girls and is a Regent at Providence High School. He also spent six years as a trustee of Campbell Hall.

Needless to say, he’s got a great understanding of private schools and the role that technology can play in them. I hope you enjoy the interview and, if you have any questions for Stuart, make sure to leave a comment below.

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Episode Notes:

  • Stuart kicks off the interview by telling us about his underlying passion for technology and education.
  • Learn more about the formation of ATLIS and how the co-founders came up with the concept.
  • Learn about what the future holds for ATLIS in terms of services, events, and professional development.
  • Discover how good technology leadership touches all aspects of the private school experience.
  • Stuart dives into some of the biggest technology challenge facing private / independent schools today.
  • Hear the one big lesson that Stuart learned since the initial founding of the organization.

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