The Power of New Lists in Blackbaud's education management portfolio

November 15, 2016 Jackie Christensen

Blackbaud K-12 offers a powerful, unified solution for private schools unlike anything else. It not only includes the tools to run all of your school’s major offices it also provides your Parents, Teachers and Students with a modern and intuitive experience for engagement and connection to your school.

It is critical for schools to be able to view and take action on all the activity and data coming into the system. From candidate progress on an admissions checklist to tracking student absences to parent login rates, schools need a system that not only stores but also serves up data in a meaningful way.

Over the past few months, we’ve been rolling out a new kind of List query throughout Blackbaud's education management portfolio (formerly the "ON" products). These new Lists look unassuming at first. But when you start to dig into the Search, Column customization and Filtering capability you’ll start to realize the power.

Here’s a tour of the latest Lists you need to know about:

Enrollment Management > Admissions > Candidates List
What - you need a list of all female candidates who haven’t done their visit yet? We’ve got you covered!

Using the new Candidate List you can now get visibility into Blackbaud Enrollment Management System™ (formerly onBoard®) Checklist status. Customize the columns to display biographical information, including custom fields. Use the filters and search to refine your results even further. Save your lists to use over and over again. Be an Admissions Rock Star!

Academics > Attendance > Students List
Have a theory that students who miss a lot of school are the more likely to have behavioral issues? Back that theory up with some real data from the Student List! You can overlay attendance and conduct data in one list.

Or want to run an export of all your students with 100% attendance? This same list can do just that and so much more.

Core > Users > User List
“Parents never log in…..” Does that statement boil your blood as much as mine? Well now you can combat that false perception with REAL data in just a couple of clicks using the User list. Narrow down by Role (even exclude Parents who also are Teachers) add the Last Login column and get ready to prove detractors wrong.

OR if it’s true at least you know and you can start building the case to encourage logging in. 

Academics > Group Finder > Group List
Need to review all your Course descriptions in one spot? How about see all the Groups a particular person owns in the system? Want to update Bulletin Boards for all your Athletic Teams?

Use the Group List to interact with all the sections across all your Blackbaud Learning Management System Group Types in one spot.

Want to learn more about our new lists and other exciting developments in our SKY Reporting initiative? Join us for a webinar on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. ET as we share the latest developments in Blackbaud SKY Reporting and how they will revolutionize the way K–12 schools access and leverage user, academic, and admissions data. 

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Jackie Christensen

Currently serving as a product management manager, Jackie Christensen has been a member of Blackbaud K–12's product development team since the inception of the education management solutions. In fact, she was on site with the first school to launch our LMS and SIS. She loves the journey of working with schools and our UX and technical team to bring ideas to life. Jackie lives in New Hampshire with her husband Mark and three boys. Depending on the season, you’ll either find them at the lake or skiing.

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