The Two Most Important Groups for K-12 School Fundraising

December 16, 2015 Joe Garecht

Your school does great work, and has lots of potential donors.  Parents, grandparents, community organizations, businesses and more can and should be donating to help your school continue its mission and work.  But when it comes to fundraising, two groups stand head and shoulders above the rest: major donors and your school’s alumni.  Major donors and alumni provide the surest path for sustainable funding and transformative gifts for your school community.

Donors who make major gifts to your school can come from many different places, including former students, family members of current and former students, community members who believe in your mission, etc.  Their five, six, and seven figure gifts to your school will enable you to expand your facilities and programs, deepen the educational experience for students, and provide scholarships to those in need.

Likewise, your alumni should form a broad base of support for your school.  Annual and sustaining gifts from previous students will allow your school to maintain stable funding levels regardless of the current financial climate.  Every K-12 institution needs to develop a plan to engage alumni soon after graduation, maintain contact with them until they complete their higher education, and then invite them to become donors.

Learn How to Reach Out to Your Alumni and Major Donors Easily and Effectively
This coming year, Blackbaud invites you and your colleagues to join us for a special series of webinars to learn how to find, cultivate, and engage with alumni and major donors.  For 2016, we have partnered with Joe Garecht from The Fundraising Authority to bring you the knowledge and information you need to supercharge fundraising at your school.

Every other month, we’ll be presenting a free 60 minute webinar for school leaders and fundraisers! After each webinar, everyone who registers will also receive a special e-book with tips, tools and strategies for implementing the topics discussed during the live presentation.  You can join us for all of these webinars, or just a few, depending on your fundraising needs.  And, best of all, both the webinars and e-books are available to your school free of charge!

Creating a Fundraising Message that Resonates with Major Donors
Our first webinar will focus on helping you get your school ready to find, cultivate, and ask major donors to give.  In order to attract large gifts for your school, you need to create a message for your donors that casts a big enough vision that they’ll want to make major gifts.  Every school, no matter how small, is capable of casting a huge and compelling vision for their donors.

Download the related eBook to learn how to create a major donor fundraising message for your school!

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Joe Garecht

Joe Garecht is a non-profit fundraising consultant, author, and speaker and the founder of Garecht Fundraising Associates and The Fundraising Authority. He has almost 20 years experience in fundraising as a development director, executive director, and consultant. As the executive director of Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS), Joe led the effort to raise $50 million in endowments for individual schools, raised $4 million yearly in scholarship funds, and modernized and professionalized the fundraising capabilities of over 175 parochial schools in the Philadelphia region. You can find Joe online at

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