Are There Any Tips and Tricks for Tuition Management Rollover?

October 31, 2019 Dan Whitaker

A man working on his computer deep in thought about the tuition rollover process.

While the Blackbaud Tuition ManagementTM annual rollover process is straightforward, we do have tips for what you can do beforehand to help ensure a smooth process. Specifically, before taking the steps to rollover returning families and enroll new families for the next school year, it is important to review school settings from the current year with an eye toward improving the enrollment experience.

Dig into your school settings and consider the following:

  • Are there any payment plans that need to be added or deleted for next year? Should any beginning or end-dates get changed?
  • Do you need to change payment due dates?

Pro Tip: It's a good strategy to provide more due dates for families selecting auto-payment as an incentive to limit mail-in payments.

  • Are there any grades being added or eliminated in the new year?
  • If you accept credit/debit card payment, do you need to change whether families or the school will pay the convenience fees?
  • Are there any fees or discounts to add or remove for the new year?
  • Similarly, will you display admin fees?
  • Do you have any edits to the messaging that appears in statements (140-character limit)?  
  • What about the messaging on the parent site, or is there a help center alert that would be helpful?
  • Are there changes to make to the late fee options/verification? Should the grace period or late fees get turned off for any months?
  • Will your school change its process to apply billing amongst the rate card, batch upload, self-service import, or Blackbaud contracts integration options?
  • Will your school change whether it bills tuition as a fee or as standard tuition in your accounting system? 
  • Any there any changes in school staff to review? Has the primary contact information changed or is there any new staff to set up? Is everyone's phone and email address correct?
  • Should the welcome email timing—for example, 20 days prior to enrollment, upon activation, or custom timing—get changed?

Once the school settings are all set, you can begin the process of rolling over returning families and enrolling new families. If you're looking for guidance on this, check out our Knowledgebase articles on how to rollover families, remove graduated students in the new year, and manually enroll families in the new or current school year. 

Please contact our awesome Support team if you have any questions about these processes. 

About the Author

Dan Whitaker

Dan Whitaker is a Project Manager for the Professional Services team handling Blackbaud Tuition Management. He has specialized in financial technology solutions for K–20 education institutions for the last 15 years. When not at work, Dan enjoys playing the saxophone, golfing, spending time with family, and looking forward to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series again. (Maybe next year, Dan).

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