Core Updates to Blackbaud's Education Management Solutions

January 3, 2019 Blackbaud K–12

The development team for the core functionality of Blackbaud's education management portfolio (formerly the "ON" Solutions) ended 2018 with a bang by enhancing People Finder and User Lists. Please check out the updates below and share them with those at your school who should be in the know.

Mobile Access for People Finder (and More)

The People Finder search, one of the most popular features in the core functionality for school administrators, is now available on mobile devices. Found in the Academics, Enrollment Management, or Core menus, People Finder is used to quickly locate user records and schedules (Blackbaud Student Information SystemTM is needed for schedules). The ability to do so on phones and tablets is an important addition for on-the-go administrators. 

"The People Finder in the mobile view improves productivity so much more than Blackbaud can possibly imagine," said Hiram Cuevas, director of academic technology at St. Christopher's School in Virginia. "My day-to-day schedule includes making rounds across three divisions that span 44 acres, which required me to have laptop access while moving about campus. The latest updates to People Finder enables me to handle issues that may arise with ease and efficiency."

In addition to mobile access, the functionality of People Finder has also been improved to include Student ID, Host ID, User ID, or email as search options. These enhancements move us closer to our goal of delivering a streamlined admin experience within the application by removing the need for the Edit User Profile Data feature within Core > Users > Edit User Profile Data.

User List Improvements

How did we make working with lists easier? First, all lists now save your filter, column, and page settings as you go, so you won't lose any progress made if you navigate away from the list. We've also added a flyout panel (see the screenshot below) where admins can select and preview a constituent record without leaving the list page. What's more, you can edit and save changes to the record from the flyout panel, or choose to open the full record (remember, your list settings are now saved). 

Learn More About the Core Functionality

What is the core functionality of Blackbaud's education management portfolio? In short, it's a collection of community-building capabilities designed to improve constituent communication and simplify administrative tasks. We believe these features are so critical to the success of our K–12 schools that they are included with each of our education management solutions. Learn more about the core functionality here

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