What are the best reports for reviewing admissions data?

March 19, 2018 Sarah Bienvenue

Admissions reporting is vital to understanding candidate pipeline and making enrollment decisions. We’ve added some helpful reporting features over the last year for schools using our onBoard Enrollment Management System, so we want to make sure admissions officers are aware of the options available to them.

Let’s start with Lists. The Candidate List, found under onBoard > Lists > Candidates, shows all active candidates in one convenient location.

Admissions Software Candidate List Report

Use the Candidate List to track changes throughout the year and quickly see who hasn’t completed specific checklist milestones. You can also filter on important attributes such as decisions, entering year, current status, and completed checklist items. There are also a variety of column options (candidate summary, address and contact information, graduation year, etc.) that can be pulled into a list for export, or simply for an at-a-glance view.

Next up is the Contract List, found in onBoard > Lists > Contracts. We’ve recently added several enhancements to this list, including new columns for a student’s associated fees and financial aid award details, which is only accessible to users who have the financial aid task checked off. Combined with the extensive list of existing columns, these new options make it easier than ever to report on candidate and current student contract information.

Data Columns for Admissions Software Reports

In addition to the new columns, we’ve added a “Not Returning” filter on the Contract List so that schools can view the report with only candidates and returning students in it. You may also find it helpful to know there’s a filter for contracts signed and accepted by one responsible signer that are still waiting for the final sign and accept(s) to be completed.

Once the Candidate and Contract Lists have been customized with the right filters and columns for the school’s reporting needs, the lists can be saved and accessed by other admissions managers, ensuring that everyone is operating from the same set of data.  

We’ve saved the best for last: For reporting that does the work for you, the new Analyze features under onBoard > Analyze display visual dashboard reports of commonly pulled admissions metrics. For example, the Overview dashboard shows the candidate funnel, conversion rate, candidate decisions, and if a candidate declines an acceptance, the school they’ve chosen to attend. They’re ready-made head of school and trustee reports!

Also under Analyze is the ability to see a breakdown of your candidates grouped by common identifiers such as sending school, ethnicity, zip code, and grade level. The information provided here is great for creating “by the numbers” infographics to share with prospective families, as well as helpful reference points for commonly asked questions.

Analyze Admissions Trends

Working hand in hand with the Contracts List is the Analyze > Contracts feature, which allows those handling re/enrollment to see the status of generated contracts and make year-over-year comparisons.

Finally, we have the Capacity Planning report: get insight into the number of students in each grade for a given year by seeing potential students and candidates within your system. In addition to ensuring that seats are filled, the reporting accuracy saves the time spent creating extra spreadsheets and manual calculations.

Another helpful tip: If you’re ever wondering why a number within a List or Analyze report is what it is—click on it for a breakdown of the candidates/students who were included in the calculation. Clicking on candidate/student names also delivers additional insight.

We’re looking forward to continuing to expand the capabilities of these features. If you have any suggestions, please log into the community and add an idea or vote for an existing one.  

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The product manager for onBoard and onCampus, Sarah has been a member of the Blackbaud K-12 team for five years, serving a variety of roles in support, services, and product development. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, three beautiful children, and three crazy cats.

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