Winning the Private School Admission “Offseason” #PODCAST

July 2, 2015 Peter Baron

It’s July, and in talking with many of my friends in the admission world, it sounds like you are taking some much deserved time to catch your breath after another busy recruitment season.

While it’s true that you may have a few spots left to fill to round out this year’s class, some of your attention is likely starting to shift to the upcoming admission season. That means it’s time to plan!

Whether you want to build on existing programs or dream up new ways to benefit your recruiting efforts, episode 10 of Blackbaud K–12’s Get Connected Podcast is all about winning the summer admission offseason!

Brendan Schneider, Director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy, is a seasoned admission pro who traditionally uses July and August to reflect and plan for the next admission year.

In his second guest appearance (click here to listen to our first conversation on personalized marketing), Brendan shares his tips on how to maximize summer “downtime” to get the most out of the 2015-2016 admission cycle.

Check out the show notes below for a full account of what we covered.

Make sure to visit Brendan’s personal site,, where you can read more about his work at Sewickley and download episodes of his popular podcast, SchneiderbFM!

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Episode Notes:

Setting goals and measuring success! Brendan uses the summer to evaluate what worked during the past admission season. He starts by reviewing his office’s past year’s goals and then dives into the data to measure success.

Brendan breaks down his inbound marketing strategies to look for areas of improvement. He examines lead nurturing email data, PPC performance, and Facebook ads to name a few.

Brendan doesn’t ignore the more traditional admission metrics. He recommends setting aside time to determine how your numbers (inquiries, applications, visits, attrition, yield, and financial aid numbers) stack up to past years.

Brendan believes in failing forward. With that in mind, he shares the biggest “admission swing & miss” that he has experienced as an admission director. More important than the “miss” itself, you’ll hear him talk about how his office learned from the mistake and built it into a strength.

– Toward the end of the podcast, I asked Brendan how an office can balance trying to fill out the fall class while prepping for the next admission season? Prioritization is the key. Listen to hear his take.

– Lastly, we recorded this episode on July 1st and it just so happens to be the day that many new admission directors assume the chair. For those first time directors, Brendan offers his words of wisdom to this group as they head into their first summer as admission leaders.

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